Business Restructuring & CFO Services

Restructuring is a type of corporate action taken when significantly modifying the debt, operations or structure of a company as a means of potentially eliminating financial harm and improving the business. A company restructures its operations or structure by cutting costs, such as payroll, or reducing its size through the sale of assets.

Our BR professionals are valued by clients for their ability to quickly identify problems, gain cooperation, develop viable solutions and implement them with sensitivity and precision. Our experienced teams can offer a full range of advisory and implementation services, from turnaround and restructuring plans to optimized exit strategies.

We are also providing CFO services which will enable SME to professionally manage their resources to achieve strategic goals and there by maximize wealth of shareholders. CFO plays a very important and strategic role in creating optimal capital structure, driving the strategy of the company across the organization by linking it with the budgets, business process, performance of the team, creating information system which can be analyzed strategically so as to provide key insights to the top management.